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Entry #2

In Limbo

2010-11-11 16:35:34 by Occluded

I've been working on this project with a bunch of friends for over a year now, and it's finally about to be released. Check out the site and brand new trailer HERE.

Tried to embed the trailer but it wasn't taking. If anyone could point me to an embed FAQ I'd appreciate it


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2010-11-11 16:44:05

Fail embed

Occluded responds:

Yeah, tried a couple of times, and just gave up. You can check out the trailer on our site though.


2010-11-13 06:43:08

What the fuck is your problem? If you're really 30 years old, I'd expect you to at least be wise enough to be presumptuous.

Occluded responds:

Obviously I'm an angry hateful little man who gets his jollys by picking on poor defenseless little children. It's a good thing you're mature enough to handle it. ;)


2010-11-15 20:47:30

Dude, your response to the butt-hurt kid was aweso, completely aweso!

Occluded responds:

Thanks man, I strive for Aweso.


2010-11-17 12:29:10

Oh God lol


2010-12-21 12:17:12

your art is epic, it makes me feel feelings

Occluded responds:

Thanks man.


2011-06-16 06:24:25

Hot teen masturbating on cam.

Download here:

She starts crying at the end.


2011-08-20 20:56:45

Purgatory is scarier.

Occluded responds:

God dammit. Now we have to rename it.


2011-11-24 01:22:53

It looks very professional I might say. Any word on the final product, looks like it would make a good movie. Impressive art by the way.