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In Limbo

2010-11-11 16:35:34 by Occluded

I've been working on this project with a bunch of friends for over a year now, and it's finally about to be released. Check out the site and brand new trailer HERE.

Tried to embed the trailer but it wasn't taking. If anyone could point me to an embed FAQ I'd appreciate it

Join the MiniBoss Art Collaboration

2010-05-12 13:38:41 by Occluded


I was inspired a few days ago to start my very first Collab. The point is pretty self explanatory. Design a miniboss. Can be anything for our hero (Jeremy) to face off against. I don't care just have fun. The only restriction is your boss has to live in the picture below and look good. Full quality HERE Make him look like he belongs there.

+ DEADLINE: JULY 5th 11:59pm EST
+ Art has to be 399x599 pixels
+ Don't sign it. No additional art, like graffiti on the walls.
+ Art has to be delivered as .png (do not use the art potal) And must be named as follows: MB_username1 - Where username is obviously replaced with your account name. And the number is 1-3 based on your number of submissions. Please include the number 1 on your first piece even if you only have one piece.
+ Art must be posted here. Not just in a link to your final. Make a copy for me to see here in this thread.
+ 3 pieces per participant Max
+ You can use whatever program you want. It's gonna be hard to get in using MSPaint though.
+ Coauthors will be chosen by the quality of their submissions.
+ You do not submit your art to the art portal until the flash comes out. When it comes out you can put your pieces in the art portal. But I would ask that you give me credit for the background, and include a link to the the flash.

I would prefer your miniboss on a transparent png, with only what you've drawn over the picture below, but if you can't It's not mandatory.

Ok I think that's everything. It's my first one so go easy on me. Remember follow the rules, and try to have fun or you'll end up looking silly.


Join the MiniBoss Art Collaboration