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Mentos Mishap - Glummies Mentos Mishap - Glummies

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Animation talent

Your talent as an animator is obvious. The art was good.

The story itself was pretty predictable. Just the name Mentos Mishap let me know pretty much what to expect. And it wasn't funny. It just wasn't funny.

Also consider a different theme. This has been kinda done to death. Retarded Animal Babies, Happy Tree Friends, etc. I've seen the Cute fluffy animal / horrifically awful situation juxtaposition done. And this doesn't really do it in a new way.

Don't stop though. You don't need me to tell you. You've got talent.

P.S. It needs a replay button. I don't want to listen to it loop over and over again while I review. It works with Weeble's stuff because it's seemless. This has a beginning and an end. When it's done let it be done.

Glummies responds:

Thank you for your honesty....this is the first submission. I believe HappyTree friends vs Glummies are very different as it is a softer core representation and mild humor. The mentos thing has been overplayed....but comeon....a bears head ripping off because of it....Funny! Thanks for your honesty! We will work on the loop thing....haha

TwoKinds Drawings TwoKinds Drawings

Rated 0 / 5 stars

two words

art forum

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Nonagon n' Curve Nonagon n' Curve

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Your sound was waaaaaaaay out of sync. Set sound to streaming. I think this will get blammed in part because your visual punchline comes, again, waaaaaay after the sound cuts off. I couldn't tell if this would be funny synced up. I wasn't that amused. And I should have been. It's a shape wearing lingerie.

LiamTaylor responds:

i think the out of sync-ness is due to the fact that i had no proper mic, plus i can never get my audio to sync right anyway.

its a skill that i must learn,

thanks for the review though

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Shattered Colony Shattered Colony

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Could be amazing

This game could be amazing were it not for some little things. There's a glitch where if a depot in your line is destroyed occasionally survivors will run all the way around the damn level to get to another depot. Ran into this a few times playing random maps. My survivors have no survival instincts.

But my biggest annoyance is with action priority. For example the sniper tower construction priority. I would build sniper towers and allocate (lets say) 5 guys to them. Well before there was ammo in the tower I'd have 5 guys sitting in the damn tower. If there's no ammo shouldn't one get that first? This would also happen when a tower was missing wood. Which I guess means it wasn't really built yet. So I got 5 dudes sitting in an unfinished tower with no ammo in it getting destroyed by zombies. That is frustrating as hell. Also upgrading the range. I can do everything else in advance why do I have to wait for the exact second a survivor is in a connecting depot to upgrade the range. If you can't think of an elegant system for prioritizing actions. I would think it would add to the challange to be able to set those priorities manually. Not just with sniper towers, but how much resources are gathered into any given depot.

This could be a great game if it was just a bit more elegant. And I gotta give you props for how fun it is otherwise. Graphics are a bit cartoony for me. If you ever need a graphics guy feel free to drop me a line.

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Obama Soundboard Obama Soundboard

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

It's nigh impossible to use

It's nigh impossible to use because you don't know how to make functional buttons. With just the slightest effort you can make whole areas around text clickable. Take the time. As it is it's not worth passing through the portal

arKristal arKristal

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I'm not saying it's bad. It's just. It's Arkanoid. The name pretty much points to the homage. But I got to thinking... Why wouldn't I just play arkanoid? What makes this game better?

Even without tweaking the game. The graphics need work. They don't have personality or consistency. Pick an Idea for the graphics and work around that Idea. Fun and bright? Then why the fatigued metal border? Why the dull colors for the blocks and the ball? Sure they have a glossy feel tp them. But that seems like an afterthought. There were no choices made with the graphics. It looks like you made something and, if you liked it, it stayed with no thought to how it fit in with the other elements. No where is this more appearent than the background. Which is the same value as the foreground. It's hard to visually keep track of the ball.

Pick a theme or an idea and redo the graphics at least. I may seem harsh, but I'm trying to help.

Luchox responds:

Thanks 4 the advice. I'll consider your recomendation. Maybe some of the color are bad, but I like it :)


Now there is this new version. Plz try it.

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She_Remix [Box-Killa] She_Remix [Box-Killa]

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Well done.

In the end you have a very listenable song. You can take that and feel good. However:

The strength of this song relies on the beats. In which there isn't much variety. I mean what I'm basically looking at here is someone else's song sped up with a beat laid over the top. The beats all make that same transition too. ( I haven't really made music in 10 years. But I'd have used sample off-setting or note slide to get that sound. No clue what the right name for it is. ) The beats all transition with an effect not unlike hearing something under a pillow.

The music itself doesn't really feel played with either. Maybe you did, I don't know. Just telling you how it sounds to me the ignorant audience. It seemed to me like the song under the beats was pretty much left alone. Maybe cut it up and move it around. Let some of the notes breathe. Right now it sounds sped up. Find a way to make it feel like it's supposed to be 140bpm.

Please don't take this to mean I think I'm better than you. I usually don't write music reviews. Cause I'm pretty ignorant. I only reviewed because you asked. Hope that this helps.

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Strawberry Clock's Rant Strawberry Clock's Rant

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Dammit I'm posting this anyway

This is NOT a review of this audio. This is a review of your Ashley Movie that got blammed too quickly for me to submit my review.

First off all Condolences. I'm sorry for your loss. But...

You ARE exploiting something here. Whether or not you are ignorant of your own exploitation is debatable.

You took a tragedy and used it to ram an issue down your audiences throat. Kinda like the Bush administration rammed 9-11 down our throats.

What did you say to us with this?

Homophobes are bad. Ashley was good. Ashley killed herself.

Why should I give a shit? You told me nothing about why Homophobia was bad. Nothing about why Ashley killed herself, and even less about who EITHER of you are.

This SEEMS like a middle finger to those who persecute YOU under the guise of an attack on those who persecuted your friend. It seems selfish. You and Ashley weren't a couple when it happened. You implied as much. Which seems like you are claiming what might well be undeserved sympathy. A pity party just for you. It seems like you're 15 and you don't know shit.

Now before you can blindly retort. No I don't know how it is to be you. But that's because you didn't tell me.

Now... Why did I bother to reply?
Because I'm on your side. And this kind of thing has the exact opposite effect our side needs. No one pities you. I'm disgusted. The Homophobes use this as self-vindication. And gay rights suffers.

You're right Fuck homophobes. But, now what?

Kyora-Mishiso responds:

Holy shit what's a long review.
Anywho, I'll keep all that in mind next time I resubmit a flash with her in it.

Recent Art Reviews

Monstrous Predator Monstrous Predator

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Best of luck man. That's some dedication. Probably emerge with some major improvements. I look forward to seeing you evolve over the year.

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J-qb responds:

Thanks, I certainly do hope I'll improve from this, that's basically the goal.

Adieu. Adieu.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This is fantastic work Kuoke. Really stunning. Great use of Color and lighting. Has a really good balance to it.

The stars are a little too evenly spaced, and the ones that have the sparkle are mstly on one plane.

Also the right hand looks odd. I'd rework it if you can. Otherwise dandy of a piece.

Shiia Shiia

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great piece

Playful. Great sense of color. Playful and fun. Composed really well. The only reason you didn't get a ten is that without a background it doesn't really feel complete. The board and dragonfly hint at a setting that feels missing. I favorited.